Strawberry greenhouse monthly increase of 10,000 yuan - strong bovine fungus fertilizer to power

2022/01/12 17:41

On December 29, 2021, Xinhuanet Shandong Channel, Shandong Party and Government Network reporters walked into the "peak strawberry planting greenhouse" on Lingang Road to understand the strawberry planting situation, entered the greenhouse warm as spring, the rich fruit aroma came to the face, refreshing, green strawberry seedlings wrapped in bright red strawberry fruits, half pasted to the ground, half illuminated, juicy flesh, sweet and sour, fragrant and pleasant.


Ma Yuefeng, the person in charge of the greenhouse who was busy picking strawberries, saw the arrival of the reporter, stopped the work in his hand, and introduced: "I have been planting strawberries for 7 years, I have not grown so well, the seedlings were planted at the end of August this year, and the use of Jinniu brand biological bacterial fertilizer began in September, after 4 months of management, the effect is now very obvious." Strawberries are particularly good in color and taste, much sweeter than the strawberries planted before, strawberries are naturally ripe, the portions are sufficient, the flesh is firm, the size is uniform, and the supply of picking is in short supply every day.


Ma Yuefeng told reporters that strawberries are no better than ordinary fruits, a planting can be picked for many years, strawberry seedlings hanging fruit peak period is only one year, two years of output decline is obvious, generally need to change new seedlings every year. "This year by chance to learn that the Jinniu bacterial fertilizer is the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jinniu Group joint research and development, production, I boldly use, in just a few months, strawberries have a very obvious change, before the dead seedling rate at least one-fifth, from September the use of Jinniu brand series of bacterial fertilizers and fungal agents, strawberries basically no dead seedling phenomenon, live bacteria to the crop enough nutrition, and no bugs, no disease, the root system is developed, the rhizome is thick, more importantly, no pesticides, no pesticide residues. The two sheds made a comparison: a 2.2 acres of greenhouses using Jinniu fertilizer, another 2.8 acres of sheds using other brands of fertilizer, the two compared, the former shed can pick about 160 pounds per day, the number of acres is 0.6 acres less than the last greenhouse, but can increase production by 30%, at present, selling about 10,000 yuan more per month. "Peak strawberry grower Ma Yue strawberry growth is very good, November began to go on the market, half a month earlier than last year, the current market price of 20 yuan / catty, the output increased, and there is no pesticide, the price is also very good, increased a lot of income." Ma Yuefeng said that in the future, Jinniu bacterial fertilizer will be selected, and the whole process will use Jinniu microbial bacterial fertilizer and bacterial agent to ensure that strawberries mature naturally, without hormones and pesticides, and pursue truly green organic food.