Company profile

Shandong Jinniu Group, registered capital of 100 million yuan, located in Jinan High-tech Zone, Shandong Province, Jinniu Biological Park, under the jurisdiction of Shandong Jinniu Group Co., Ltd., Jinan Jinniu Fertilizer Industry Co., Ltd., Jinan Jinniu Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd., Jinan Panlong Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. and Jinniu (Jinan) Biological Engineering Center, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, "2021 Shandong Private Enterprise Innovation Potential Top 100" enterprises, "2021 Jinan Agricultural Industrialization Key Leading Enterprises" , "2021 Provincial Military Finance Enterprise".

The Group has established a long-term cooperative relationship with the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, established a joint laboratory, established a research and development base for microbiology and green agriculture in Shandong, co-founded the Agricultural Microbiology (National) Engineering Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and set up a "Jinniu Scholarship" in the Chinese Academy of Sciences to reward graduate students of the Chinese Academy of Sciences every year. Jinniu Group has provincial and municipal key laboratories, research and development, production of microbial agents, bacterial fertilizer series of products, for green planting, ecological breeding and organic waste resource utilization. In addition, the Group has also established cooperative relations with the Institute of Environment of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Qilu University of Technology. International cooperation with New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland and other countries enterprises, the two companies of the group have import and export qualifications.

The Group has 6 biotechnologies (leading): wet waste treatment, sewage (organic) treatment, saline land remediation, forest fire prevention, green planting and ecological farming:

(1) Wet waste treatment technology: The company uses the technology of microbial functional bacteria + fermentation tank to treat wet garbage and organic waste to achieve waste resource reuse. Technological innovation points: (1) fermentation is fast, the fermentation process is completed in 3 days; (2) low energy consumption, 7 to 15 kWh / day / unit; (3) 100% full rot, zero emission, no pollution. This technology has been promoted and applied in many places in Shandong: Jinan Jiabao cattle farm manure treatment base, Liaocheng Xinxian Dazhangjia Town, Xuzhuang Town harmless treatment base, Changqing Wenchang Street and other more than ten wet garbage treatment bases, bacterial fertilizer has been sold to Guangdong, Hainan and other places across the country. In addition, Tai'an Feicheng City, Yangxin County, Jining Dashu Town, Heze Juye and other places have also entered the implementation stage.

(2) Sewage (organic) treatment technology: it is to sprinkle functional microbial bacteria in the sewage to degrade the harmful components in the sewage. Sewage treatment is divided into two types: one is the sewage (organic) produced by food manufacturers and farms, which can be processed into liquid bacterial fertilizer; the other is the treatment of biological sewage such as rivers, lakes and ditches, which can be raised and irrigated after treatment. The treatment process is pollution-free, odorless, non-toxic, no side effects, organic sewage can be recycled, green and environmentally friendly. The technology has low investment, simple operation and fast results. At present, more than 40 rural ponds and rivers have been treated in Changqing District, Jinan, and after random sampling testing by the Testing Center of the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, the test results far exceed the expected standards. The base also has Caishi Town; the ancient town of Xinxian County, the farm and ditch of Weizhuang Town; the farm and river channel of Juye Tianqiao Town; Yantai Qixia City, Penglai Food Factory, Jining City; Henan and Anhui outside the province, and so on.

(3) Saline-alkali land remediation technology: the use of microbial agents and biological fertilizers, repair and improve the soil texture, less input, fast effect, no construction.

(4) Forest fire prevention technology: the use of microbial fungal agents, spraying forest, can make dead branches and rotten leaves rot, reduce the flash point, increase fertilizer efficiency, and change the current passive fire prevention to active fire prevention.

(5) Green planting technology: the fermentation and processing of microbial bacteria, animal manure and plant straw into biological bacterial fertilizer can replace chemical fertilizers, reduce pesticide residues, and achieve green planting.

(6) Ecological breeding technology: the fermentation and processing of microbial bacteria, kitchen waste and plant waste into biological feed can replace hormones and antibiotics to achieve ecological breeding.

The Group built its own "Jinniu Biological Park": "Jinniu Biological Culture Medium, Microbial Agent, Serum R&D and Production Project" investment of 650 million, this year an additional 200 million, with a total construction area of 110,000 square meters, was listed as a key construction project in Jinan in 2018 and a major project in Shandong Province in 2020. The Group's R&D equipment can meet the needs of various tests such as dry and wet waste fermentation, biological fertilizer, biological feed processing, and cell culture, bacterial culture, and probiotic culture. It has obtained the registration certificate of microbial bacterial agent and microbial fertilizer issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of 18 countries, and realized commercialization. The R&D center was recognized and rewarded: "Municipal Key Microbial Preparation Engineering Laboratory" (2016 Municipal Development and Reform Commission), Municipal "One Enterprise, One Technology" R&D Center (2018 Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology); "Shandong Provincial Engineering Laboratory for Microbial Preparations (Engineering Research Center)" (2019 Provincial Development and Reform Commission). In July 2021, the company's "Microbial Preparation Shandong Engineering Laboratory" won the "Jinan High-tech Zone Encouraged Enterprise Innovation and Development Award".

Recently, a number of media have publicized and reported on the group's technology, including Xinhuanet's "high-tech biotechnology enterprises turn waste into treasures and high tricks"; China Net"; China Net "sprinkle a handful of bacteria, sewage ponds into fish ponds - Shandong Jinniu Group's high-tech to help rural ecological revitalization"; Shandong Net "Shandong Jinniu Group: Give play to technological advantages Crop straw treatment into the microbial era"; Party and government theory network "Lay a good green ecological background to make a Model for Rural Revitalization"; Shandong Provincial Revolutionary Old Area Net "Sprinkle a handful of bacteria, stinky puddles into fish ponds - The use of microbial technology to promote the construction of new rural areas"; Jinan Daily "green enterprises" "red feelings" Shandong Jinniu Group is enthusiastic about public welfare to repay the society"; Qilu Evening News "sprinkle a handful of bacteria, stinky puddles into fish ponds - the use of microbial technology to promote the construction of new rural areas"; today's headlines "crop straw wet garbage treatment into the microbial era"; Qilu new agricultural materials "crop straw treatment into the microbial era".