The government sets up a platform for enterprises to sing and Jinan High-tech Zone Entrepreneurship Service Center builds a supply and demand platform for enterprises in a timely manner

2024/01/15 08:55

On the afternoon of January 12, Jinan High-tech Zone Entrepreneurship Service Center held an event to promote the application of biomanufacturing strains in the agricultural and rural fields. Relevant persons in charge from the relevant offices of the Jinan Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, the Social Affairs Department of Jinan High-tech Zone, the Investment Promotion Department of Jinan High-tech Zone, the sub-district offices of Jinan High-tech Zone and representatives of relevant enterprises participated in the event.

The participants first visited Jinniu Biological Park, observed the bacterial agent production line workshop under construction by Jinniu Group, and the laboratory jointly built by Jinniu Group and the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and had an in-depth understanding of Jinniu Group’s existing bacterial agents and fertilizers. and other series of products. Subsequently, the participants had an in-depth discussion with the person in charge of Jinniu Group. Shen Wei, director of Jinan High-tech Zone Entrepreneurship Service Center, introduced the development of the bio-manufacturing strain industry in Jinan High-tech Zone. Zhang Ziyi, chairman of Jinniu Group, introduced in detail the company's core technology and promotion and application in the field of biological strains. The meeting focused on green planting , ecological breeding, sewage treatment, wet waste fermentation and processing into bacterial fertilizer, forest fire prevention and soil remediation, etc., and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions. Participants responded enthusiastically and reached a number of cooperation intentions.

Shi Baicheng, director of the Enterprise Service Department of Jinan High-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center, said in an interview: "During the preliminary visit, we learned that on the one hand, enterprises have advanced technologies but lack application scenarios; on the other hand, in the agricultural and rural fields, especially in There is a lack of advanced technical support for rural residential environment improvement, sewage treatment, etc. So we held this event to build a supply and demand docking platform."

According to reports, Shandong Jinniu Group is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the preparation of strains (including industrial strains). It is located in the Entrepreneurship Service Center Park of Jinan High-tech Zone and has jurisdiction over Jinniu Shares, Jinniu Fertilizer Industry, Jinniu Animal Husbandry, and Panlong Medicine and Jinan (Jinan) Bioengineering Center. The company has key laboratories of Shandong Province and Jinan City, and has won many titles such as "Top 100 Shandong Private Enterprises with Innovation Potential in 2021", "Key Leading Enterprises in Agricultural Industrialization", and "Provincial/City Specialized, Special and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" .

It is reported that the Jinan High-tech Zone Entrepreneurship Service Center will continue to "set the stage for enterprises to sing", take the pain points of enterprises as the key points of park services, strive to achieve precise, professional and comprehensive services, and use high-quality services to promote the high quality of enterprises develop.