Microbial bacterial fertilizer can improve soil structure and nutrient balance, inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, increase the number of beneficial microorganisms, promote the growth of fruit tree roots, increase the absorption of nutrients by roots, ensure the maintenance of
2022/05/26 11:16
The role of microbial fertilizers mainly depends on the life activities of a large number of beneficial microorganisms. Only when these beneficial microorganisms reproduce and metabolize vigorously can they continuously form substance-transforming metabolites. Unlike other fertilizers,
2022/05/26 11:14
Crops have root problems due to soil stubble. In severe cases, it can also cause plant blight, leaf blight, viral diseases and other hazards. Therefore, the issue of stubble land has always been a very important issue. The improvement effect of microbial bacterial fertilizer on heavy stubble soil
2022/05/26 11:13
In the past two years, microbial agents have been very popular. Many people will go to the agricultural material store to ask about microbial fungus. As long as the store has it, they will buy it. Why microbial agents are so popular and loved by most growers. Currently, about one in five
2022/05/26 11:09