Microbial fertilizer is an organic fertilizer containing a large number of beneficial microbial strains, which can provide nutrients needed by plants and improve soil quality. In order to maintain the activity and stability of microbial fertilizer, correct storage is very important. The following
2023/11/25 14:40
1. The method of using biological fertilizer correctly and timely 1. How to use (1) Topdressing with base fertilizer: Use 1-2kg of biological bacterial fertilizer per mu, mix evenly with farmyard manure and chemical fertilizer, and then apply in furrows, holes, and spread. (2) Furrow application:
2023/03/01 10:36
Fetal bovine serum has been controversial since its launch. From manufacturer, price, authentication to product quality, how to properly store products are some of the big questions. You will learn how to use and store serum properly. Identification method of standard serum: The light yellow
2023/02/23 11:53
Microbial fertilizer is a new type of biological "fertilizer" that has emerged in recent years. Although it is called bacterial fertilizer, its essence is not fertilizer, but some beneficial bacteria that are beneficial to soil and crops, cultivated by some factories. Fertilizer classification 1.
2023/02/16 11:29
In order to help everyone better understand and use microbial fertilizers, today we will combine common problems and misunderstandings in the use of bacterial fertilizers, and introduce in detail the use skills to improve the effect of bacterial fertilizers in the form of questions and answers.
2023/02/06 17:21