Microbial fertilizer is a fertilizer that uses microorganisms to promote plant growth and improve soil fertility. When choosing the appropriate fertilization time, we need to consider the relationship between microbial activity and plant growth, and determine the timing of fertilization in
2023/08/01 11:33
Microbial fertilizer is a kind of biological fertilizer widely used at present. It is composed of a variety of microorganisms, which can improve soil fertility and improve soil structure. They can reproduce rapidly in the soil, produce a variety of beneficial substances, and help the growth and
2023/06/09 16:41
Microbial bacterial fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer, and the price fluctuation is not large. Now the weather is getting colder, which is also a testament to the arrival of winter fertilizer storage. However, the price of fertilizers this year is very volatile. Some prices have risen sharply
2022/05/26 10:28
There are many kinds of microbial bacterial fertilizers and fertilizer crops, such as cash crops, food crops, fruit trees and other crops, but different types of crops are applied differently, and mastering the correct methods can make the effect better and more prominent. When sowing, application
2022/05/26 10:27
In winter, we need to do a good job of insulation of greenhouse crops to improve their cold resistance and enable them to survive the winter safely. In addition to the commonly used addition of supplemental lamps, covering plastic films, no drip films, etc., it can also resist the cold by enhancing
2022/05/26 10:24