Leaders of Liaoyang County Government in Liaoning Province visited Jinniu Group for inspection

2023/09/14 18:00


In the crisp autumn weather, County Magistrate Li Diange of the People's Government of Liaoyang County, Liaoning Province, led by County Magistrate Zhao Liyong, Director of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau Bai Chunqian, and Director of the Liaoyang Ecological Environment Bureau Office Liu Xuewei, nearly ten leaders and entrepreneurs visited Jinniu Group for inspection and guidance. Exploring the technology of converting manure and solid waste into bio-fertilizer through microbial inoculants was warmly welcomed by all the staff of Jinniu Group.


The delegation visited Jinniu Group’s manure treatment base in Jiabao to learn more about the process and principles of biological treatment.


At the Jinniu Biological Park, watch Jinniu Group’s newly built workshops, office buildings, dormitories and R&D centers, as well as six production lines of biological strains that will be built. Learn about Jinan High-tech Zone’s preferential policies for new companies and their establishment.


 Walking to the microbiology laboratory of Jinniu Group, the customer inquired in detail about the efficacy of Jinniu bacteria and its role in various fields.


County Magistrate Li Diange expressed his gratitude to Jinniu Group for the warm welcome and introduced the purpose and feelings of the trip. He said that the fermentation tanks and strains of Jinniu Group completed the fermentation in 3 days and consumed 3 kilowatt hours of electricity per Taiwan.day, and were 100% fully decomposed. fully affirmed the technology. At the same time, he showed great interest in the treatment of black and smelly water bodies. Deputy County Magistrate Zhao Liyong, Director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Liu Xuewei, and Professor Shi Jianren discussed in detail some professional issues such as wet garbage fermentation and sewage treatment.


Deputy County Magistrate Zhao Liyong mentioned: "Liaoyang County has 1 million acres of arable land and is a major agricultural planting and poultry breeding county. We hope to make a breakthrough with Jinniu Group in solving rural ecological environment problems and have a positive impact on the local breeding industry." Technical cooperation can be carried out on the treatment of stored poultry manure, and biotechnology can be used to carry out cooperation in biological fermentation feed, joint construction and production, which will promote green breeding to a certain extent."


Group Ye Xiaoshuai used PPT to introduce the company's technical situation to the visiting guests. Group personnel answered the questions raised by the leaders one by one. Finally, Chairman Zhang Ziyi said: Liaoyang County leaders are vigorous and resolute, work conscientiously, do not cause trouble for the company, and focus on serving the company. The work style of the people is respected and worthy of learning by all Jinniu Group personnel.

The two parties reached a preliminary cooperation intention. County Magistrate Li Diange invited Mr. Zhang and others to visit Liaoyang County and reached a cooperation consensus on the establishment of a microbiology laboratory in Liaoyang County, the conversion of wet waste fermentation into bacterial fertilizer processing plants, and the promotion of sewage treatment and other technologies as soon as possible.