Shenxian county government leaders inspected Jinniu Group

2023/11/10 15:15


The day before yesterday, Yao Guangyu, member of the Standing Committee of the Shenxian County Party Committee and county magistrate in charge, Wang Yinhua, director of the county Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, and Deng Jiazhong, deputy director of the county government office, visited Jinniu Group for visit and guidance.


The leaders visited the company's microbiology laboratory, the rebuilt bacterial agent production workshop, and the completed Jinniu Biopark. They learned about biotechnology for resource reuse of agricultural and animal husbandry solid waste, and jointly discussed how Shen County’s agricultural waste melon vines can be effectively treated using biotechnology. Zhang Ziyi, chairman of the group, said that collecting melon vines and other agricultural waste, mixing it with livestock and poultry manure for biological treatment, and processing it into biological fertilizer can increase yields, improve the quality of agricultural products, and make crops resistant to drought, waterlogging, lodging and heavy stubble. It is an essential fertilizer for high-standard farmland. At the same time, the group’s biotechnology in sewage treatment, land restoration, green planting, and ecological breeding were also introduced.


The county magistrate in charge, Yao Guangyu, said, "Shen County is the number one vegetable county in the country and is also a major breeding county. Livestock and poultry manure has always been a pain point. How to turn waste into treasure and market-oriented operations? I hope to cooperate with Jinniu Group. .Using biotechnology to solve existing problems in county agriculture not only solves green planting, ecological breeding, and brand building of agricultural products, but also solves people's living environment, benefiting the country and the people.


Director Wang of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau proposed the importance of applying bio-organic fertilizers in high-standard farmland projects. Bio-organic fertilizers have good results in comprehensively improving the quality of farmland, improving the quality of agricultural products, and leading green planting. At the same time, he said that he could cooperate in depth with Jinniu Group to continue to expand the planting area with the half-ton grain project to ensure food security and output.