Why more and more people choose to use microbial fertilizers

2022/05/26 11:16

Microbial bacterial fertilizer can improve soil structure and nutrient balance, inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, increase the number of beneficial microorganisms, promote the growth of fruit tree roots, increase the absorption of nutrients by roots, ensure the maintenance of water and fertilizer, and thus reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer in the soil.

The soil organic matter content of the orchard is low, hardening, acidification, serious loss of fertility, soil-borne diseases and stubble obstacles, and biological fertilizers can be used in large quantities.

Late ripening fruit picking after more diseases, mainly due to the lack of nutrients in fruit trees, combined with autumn base fertilizer, the application of more biological bacterial fertilizer, so that the trees as soon as possible to restore to strong tree potential; biological bacterial fertilizer can repair the soil damage caused by long-term application of chemical fertilizers, creating a good ecological environment for root growth. Before the fruit tree leaves, increase the biological bacterial fertilizer to meet the sufficient nutrient reserves of the fruit tree in the later stage. In addition, photosynthesis, the leaves produce a large amount of organic nutrient accumulation, which is conducive to the differentiation of fruit tree flower buds.


Autumn is reasonable, scientific with base fertilizer, more bacterial fertilizer, balanced improvement of various fertilizer utilization rates, so that fruit trees eat and drink, for fruit tree germination, long leaves, flowering results to provide a good basic guarantee, probiotic secretions can promote rapid root growth, repair and regeneration of roots, reduce roots, rotten roots, promote root development, make plants strong, leafy, leafy, bright colors, improve plant survival.

Improving fertilizer utilization: Producing and coordinating crop absorption of nutrients. By establishing a plant root root nutrient bank, the multifunctional microbial fertilizer releases insoluble phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc, and free soil for plant absorption. Trace elements stimulate root growth and greatly improve fertilizer utilization.

Improve the quality of agricultural products: degrade nitrate and pesticide residues, repair soil, and improve the quality of agricultural products. Living activities can reduce nitrate and pesticide residues, regulate pH, and increase the content of amino acids, sugars and vitamins.